Survey Manuals

Current Manuals

For the most up-to-date methods for survey and identification, see the Approved Methods. The information in the Approved Methods site will always supersede any survey and identification/ diagnostic information found in any other CAPS document (i.e., Commodity-based Survey References and Guidelines, CPHST Pest Datasheets, etc.). Manuals are updated only on a periodic basis and may not contain updates that occur outside of a review period.


The Solanaceous Hosts Commodity-Based Survey Reference is available for review. This survey reference is presented in a new format. The Introduction contains information on the background of the survey, survey planning, trapping instructions, and sample submission. The individual pest datasheets are posted as free-standing documents. This format will allow for easier updates to the documents. Both the Introduction and datasheets are available on the Manuals page, via the 2014 dropdown menu. The review period will run from April 10, 2014 through June 5, 2014. Please send comments/edits to Melinda Sullivan, 970-490-4469, 2301 Research Blvd. Suite 108, Fort Collins, CO 80526. Comments/edits received after June 5, 2014 may not be included until after the next document review.

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